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We are Neurodivergent Creatives Connecting and Leveling Up Our Art & Our Business.

Is This You?

Are you an artist feeling held back by your neuriodivergence rather than harnessing all the SUPERPOWERS you have been granted? 

Do you wonder why you seem to be unable to get started, follow through, or reach your financial potential? 

Do you friends and family grow weary of your NEW IDEAS, or wonder why you wont just stick to one thing?

I'm so glad you have found us my friend!

This community connects neurodivergent creatives, in a supportive space where creativity can flourish, artistic expression can be shared and our unique approach to art, business and life can be celebrated, not scorned. Whether you have a clear diagnosis or you are just aware that standard systems and protocols never work for you, this is the place for you my friend. You are a TroubleMAKER!

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Transformational Journey

I know! We start 18 projects at once, we lose interest in anything that is no longer exciting, we have more new ideas than we can write down and we are often accused of not living up to our "potential". 
Sound Familiar? Well I'm on a mission my friends. A mission to harness my ADHD superpowers and strategize a life of creativity, art and financial success. 

How this community works:

Yes! I'm a furniture artist. I'm also a multimedia artist, jewelry maker, candle maker and social media influencer. (Sound Familiar?) 
This means that for those of you who want to follow my furniture painting journeys and get all of your art questions answered this is the community for you. 
The difference is that this is not your average furniture painting group. Its not just about the latest paint effects or teaching you in depth painting techniques (which i absolutely will!) No, this group goes further than that.
Whats the the point of knowing how to paint if you cant get organized enough to make it happen?
Why learn ANOTHER craft only to have it put on a shelf with all the others from endorphine rushes past?
There is NO POINT to paying a bunch of money to find inspiration without some kind of roadmap to help you reach your own creative or business goals. That is why I am creating this community!

We as neurodivergent artists need support from our fellow ND creatives so that we can work together to overcome whatever may be holding us back. Many of us don't even know what we don't know about what having ADHD even means.

There is a reason we create the way we do!

There is a reason we have 18 projects at once!

There is a reason we often live in chaos!

There is a reason we dont hit our financial goals!

There is a reason NT's get worn out by our NEW PROJECT ideas!

Its because we have SUPERPOWERS that have been dismissed as disorders only. We cant always find the support we need from loved ones who cannot fathom why we make the choices that we do.

This is why we need a place to celebrate and learn together without judgement. 

I need this community so I building this community for us right now.

When we shift the lens as to how our shared ND traits are EXACTLY what we need to create joy and prosperity in our lives EVERYTHING CHANGES!

What your membership includes:

Why Mighty Networks?

Part of why this community has been long in the making was that there was not a plattform to support my vision.  Facebook has no search or organizational qualities, Patreon is top down without support for real connections and course sites like teachable are too step by step.
Mighty Network's platform is like no other and as we are all some form of Neurodivergent, we need a place we can configure based on how much information we can handle.
This community is completely configurable to your own needs. Your personal feed can have as much or as little information as you need on a given day. You can set your own alerts based on what you are most interested in. Inside of each space you can even organize your feed so that you are not bombarded with information you have to sort or screen.
Best of all everything is searchable! Whatever you want to focus on you can find! 
Like anything, there is a learning curve to such a comprehensive platform but once you get yours setup, on your desktop or even on your phone app, you will be in complete control of the information. 


Do you need to be Neurodivergent? Not at all. We will talk about ourselves through the traits that we collectively share but these may or may not be part of our diagnosis. Many of these traits are held by many creatives so as long as this group speaks to you you are welcome here.
Do you need to be a furniture artists? No. I am a furniture artist so many of the techniques and coping mechanisms I have may be shared through this medium but our inherent connection does not depend on you having the same art medium as I do. Additionally, any of my techniques are applicable in all art mediums. 
Do you need to have or want a business? Not at all. We will provide opportunities to discuss the qualities of ourselves that may be holding us back from growing our business as well as tips and techniques to lay the  groundwork for monetizing our art but it is not a requirement .
Do have you've to be formally diagnosed? No. Many of us are either self diagnosed or just have traits that line up with ND because of our creative brain. Formal diagnosis is helpful if you want to seek medical treatments but this community is for anyone who benefits from it.
Do you have to be an artist? Not at all. Many of us have resisted ever calling ourselves artists our of some kind dof imposter syndrome anyway. This group is for creatives of all kinds who seek inspiration and connection.

Still got any ???'s about whether we are the community for you? Just send me a note here and I'll get right back to you

[email protected]


Here we embrace what makes us unique while also sharing strategies for  success in our lives and our creative businesses . 
  • Live Painting, instruction & Inspiration with Tanglewood Sue will provide you endless sources of inspiration and camaraderie. Besides teasers, this in the only place you will find Sue LIVE.
  • Group Chats & Brag Feeds are where the magic happens. This is where you can ask your question to Sue or the entire group. Whether its a painting question or an ADHD related issue, this is the place to ask it AND to expect a supportive response.
  • Strategy sessions and challenges for overcoming hurdles. This community is not a place where you will be pur under any pressure at all. There are no timelines or need to stay with the group. If you DO want to explore  to see how you have progressed there will be fun challenges you can participate in.
  • ADHD Small business strategies. Joining the Sue-per fan community will involve some inherent business strategy support though for the sake of the entire community business talk will be limited to select rooms and additional plans will be available for our creative business owners.
  • ADHD Art Studio Strategies. Part of the lives and q&a's. will be to share ways we have all worked within our ND to find strategies to harness our superpowers in this world. How to focus, organize, strategize, avoid depression and celebrate our wins.


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About our lead TroubleMAKER,



Hey hey Kiddos, Tanglewood Sue here! I am an artist and small business owner who has only recently been diagnosed with ADHD. This diagnosis has shone a bright light on why I am so exceptional at some things, completely dysfunctional at others, but always led by color and creativity. Every day is journey of discovery and forgiveness. 
Without my diagnosis, I had implemented coping strategies that kept even me unaware of my condition. Now I want to share these strategies with you and have you share yours as well. I now finally understand that everything felt harder because IT WAS. 
I was driving a broken down kia while my neurotypical friends and family always zoomed right past me in their tricked out Teslas! Not anymore my friends. Not anymore! I know I am not alone and that many many creatives are just like me. 
If I'm any one thing its a storyteller. I use my art and my life to connect with people who enjoy my journeys. Whether it's art, furniture, ADHD, small business or basic mayhem, I'm here to share it all with you. Are you ready?

A Big Thanks

Joining my community provides support for us all and also allows me to support myself as an artist and teacher. I am extremely grateful for those whose support allows me to create and connect every single day. My own personal goal is to build this network so that all of my furniture art may be donated to charitable causes and I can provide solid employment for creatives.
Let's show ourselves and our doubters that neurodivergence does not need to hold us back. It is a superpower bestowed upon us and by supporting each other we can bring out our strengths together and overcome the inherent struggles of our diagnosis. 
There is nothing typical about us. This is a good thing, and I'm so glad you are here to join our exceptional community