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Tanglewood Sue's TroubleMAKERS is a community formed to ignite and sustain the passions of Creatives in a world that would prefer us to just reign it in.

Join us and see what creative and professional success you could achieve when there’s a whole community lifting you up, cheering you on, and celebrating your  creative brain and its tendencies.

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First of all, fitting in is for sissies. You are a creative soul, destined for more than most people can even imagine.

This makes you special. This also makes your life really hard! We get that.

It can be devastating when …

  • 👉 Your friends and family roll their eyes when you tell them about your latest creative idea.

  • 👉 Everyone tells you to just pick one thing!

  • 👉 You are pressured to adopt more ‘productive’ routines that bore you to death.

  • 👉 You feel defeated by the fact you never get anywhere because you keep changing course.

  • 👉 You have a burst of creative inspiration one day and complete malaise the next.

  • 👉 You are too scared to try something new for fear it won’t work out and your time and $$ will be wasted.

Nobody gets how your brain works, why you have a million ideas, and everyone keeps telling you to FOCUS.

Not here my friend, NOT HERE! And this is why... Creatives don't see the world the way other do and you need to be with your peeps!

What is a TroubleMAKER?

In general terms, a Troublemaker is a disrupter, an innovator, or a creative; someone who is seen as ‘making trouble’ by not going with the general flow. This can be creatively, spiritually or economically.

In our community a TroubleMAKER is a maker, an artist, a creative brain, a seeker, and an energy the world needs but is often frightened by.

Here we embrace our superpowers and celebrate what makes us unique while also exploring coping mechanisms for dealing with a world that is fundamentally not on the same page.

I spent the better part of the last decade beating my head against a wall. Buying planners, comparing myself to others, wondering why I was spinning in circles while others were finding financial, spiritual, or creative success. 

Creative brains are often scattered brains...

But this is the KEY to our success, not the deterrent

We all have a million projects going on and struggle to not only narrow our focus, but to sustain our enthusiasm. Sound familiar? 

Many creatives realize somewhere along the way that they have some form of neurodivergence* such as ADHD or Autism. You don't need to have a diagnosis to join our community, but if you identify with common traits of ND (neurodivergence), we offer specific support and connection just for you. We have monthly check-ins for neuro struggles and wins, as well as a library of resources compiled by our members to help you navigate any neuro-specific obstacles you may be facing. 

*Before I was diagnosed I called it “Creative Brain” and since a high percentage of artists are neurodivergent I think this term applies to all of us one way or another.

What will you get out of joining?

...This graph is not a schedule or even a challenge. It's just a depiction of the way many members have floated through their experience as a member of this tribe. The first step is the feeling of acceptance, which leads to a sense that you are finally being understood. This builds the confidence to share your ideas and struggles in a place you can now feel safe to do so. Many members take their creativity into a business at this stage and then together we track progress and support each other in maintaining focus. 

Here's how we address our struggles in our own “Creative Brained” way:

  • 🌟 Daily ChitChat - "Your Daily Creative Sanctuary": Imagine starting each day by diving into a sea of conversations with fellow creatives who get you. Share your latest artistic eureka, vent about creative roadblocks, or celebrate your breakthroughs. It's more than just talk; it's your daily dose of inspiration and camaraderie.
  • 🌙 Monthly Focus Schedule - "Your Monthly Creative Voyage": Every month, we go on a new thematic adventure. Explore new themes each month, designed to broaden your creative perspective and deepen your artistic practice. Our monthly focus is your passport to expanding your creative boundaries. It's not just a schedule; it's a journey of discovery.
  • 🚀 Sue's Sales Challenges - "Your Artistic Business Bootcamp": Brace yourself for Sue's uniquely crafted challenges, designed to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit in the art world. These aren't just challenges; they're opportunities to reshape your approach to art as a business, transforming your passion into prosperity.
  • 💥 TroubleMAKER Feed - "Your Hub of Artistic Rebellion": Here's where the magic happens. A special feed for the audacious, the innovators, the ones who dare to color outside the lines. Share your bold ideas, your visionary projects, your artistic upheavals. This isn't just a feed; it's a revolution.
  • 🎨 Furniture & Art Tutorials - "Your Artistic Mastery Classes": Step into a world where every tutorial opens a door to new skills and perspectives. From the stroke of a brush on furniture to the dance of colors on canvas, these tutorials are your guide to mastering the art that speaks to your soul. They're more than tutorials; they're keys to new realms of artistry.
  • 🧩 Neuro Resources Guide - "Your Neurodivergent Creative Compass": This is where your unique mind finds its toolkit. A collection of resources for those whose creativity is wired differently. Whether it's navigating the waves of ADHD or finding the harmony in Autism, this guide is your ally. It's not just resources; it's a pathway to understanding and embracing your creative brain.

This is how your community looks inside 🕶️

Curious if this community is for you?

Here are our most common questions:

  • ✅ Do I have to be an artist? This group is for creatives of all kinds who seek inspiration and connection. I do happen to believe that we are all artists but you do not need to call yourself an artist or think you are an artist to join our community. 
  • ✅ Do I need to be a furniture artist? No. I am a furniture artist so many of the techniques and creative strategies I utilize are shared through furniture painting. That said, our inherent connection does not depend on you having the same art medium as I do. Additionally, all the techniques I use can be applied to other visual art mediums. 
  • ✅ Do I need to have a business? Not at all. Many group members are small-business owners which is why we have a dedicated business-deep-dive space. All our discussions about what personal qualities hold us back from growing our business apply to other areas of life as well. AND while having a business is not a requirement, don’t let not-having one prevent you from exploring our tips and tricks for how to monetize your art.  
  • ✅ What if I have ADHD or another Neurodivergence? Many of us in the group have an official diagnoses and most of us exhibit neurodivergent traits. We structure our group to be neuro friendly and we offer additional neuro bonus rooms but you can participate in any way that works with your style of learning.
  • ✅ What if I’m NOT neurodivergent? You are very welcome. We just ask that you have patience with those of us that are. :)
  • ✅ What if this is not the right group for me? If you join and then decide that this isn’t the group for you, we won’t hold it against you. That’s why we offer a FREE seven-day-trial so you can test us out. Even after the trial ends, there’s no commitment and you can leave the group at anytime.
  • ✅ What if I want to lead a workshop or host a space? Awesome! This community is all about collaboration so if you have something to share or teach the group we'd love to learn more. Reach out to Sue or one of the other moderators in the community to start a conversation about it! 
  • ✅ What if I can't make the LIVE demos? Demos are always recorded so that you can watch the replays. Additionally I post edited follow-up videos so that every project is fully documented in our tutorials Library.
  • ✅ What if I'm too busy and I can't keep up? No worries at all. This community is an experience, not a program. You can come in and out as your own schedule allows. We all get that life happens and there is no such thing as falling behind in this group. We all have creative-brain remember? When you’re ready to jump back in we will all be there to welcome you.

Your role in our Creative Wonderland

When you join, you're not just a member – you're a part of our community. Your ideas, your projects, your challenges – they all help us grow and support each other. Together, we create an incredible space where creativity thrives and every project gets the applause it deserves.

But Sue, what are some tangible ways this community will help me transform?

There are innumerable studies on the emotional and health benefits of having a creative outlet in our lives. There are plenty of art tutorials to choose from but that's not the issue is it? There is already more information out there for us than any of us can consume in our lifetime. 

The issue is implementation and motivation. 

Imagine 💫 how your life would change if you had access to:

  • 🌟 A PLACE OF BELONGING: A tribe of creatives you can chat with everyday about your creative blocks and success stories

  • 🌟 CREATIVE EXPERTISE: An expert in creativity (and creative-business) you can reach out to whenever you are stuck 

  • 🌟 PEER SUPPORT: A kind  and supportive source of creative feedback with no faceless trolls shutting you down 

  • 🌟 RESOURCES: A library of endless art tutorials with comment sections where your most pressing questions are actually answered!

  • 🌟 A PLACE TO CONNECT: Weekly live check-ins with fellow creatives

  • 🌟 NEVER ENDING LEARNING: A full library of business advice and guidance right at your fingertips

You tell me. How would this make an impact in your life? I can only promise you that we are all here for you and what you put in you will most definitely get out. 

What are the benefits you will experience?

Here’s what our current members are accomplishing with the help of the community:

  • ⚡️ MORE SUCCESS: Starting and maintaining successful businesses based on their core strengths.

  • ⚡️ BETTER STRATEGIES: Successfully implementing new strategies for self-motivation.

  • ⚡️ EXPLORING TALENT: Learning to strategize around their talents, not eliminating what they love to do.

  • ⚡️ LOT'S OF HUMOR: Finding the humor in creative brain pitfalls.

  • ⚡️ FINDING TOGETHERNESS: Finding relief in knowing they are not so alone.

Why take it from me?

Here's what our members have to say...

...The business deep dives have been so valuable. I am able to use the business information shared and apply it to so many other things going on in my life. They also inspire me to level up my creativity.

-Nawdy Little,Member

I've long had dreams of having my own business, but until I joined this group I honestly thought managing a business with ADHD was an unrealistic pipe dream. Sometimes I'm still overwhelmed, but now I have people who both understand my issues, support me, and offer help I can ACTUALLY use because they have the same issues! I love it.

Zoe Davis, Member

Tanglewood Sue’s Troublemakers Group has become my new creative home. Each weekly live Zoom call is a joyful blend of curious discovery and experience with laughter sprinkled throughout. The value of membership far exceeds the monthly cost. Well worth it.

-Dawn Briskey, 6mo Member

The group is a welcoming and interactive space for creatives who don't fit the typical mold. Sue has a way of sharing and teaching that just works for me. I feel like I belong 🙃

-Kelly Fleshman,  6moMember

So.... are you ready to be a TroubleMAKER?

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Once you join I've included a step by step tour of the whole community to help you get settled in.

Setup your profile, tell us a little about yourself, and then peruse all the offerings. I'm available anytime to answer any questions.

The best way to get the most of out the group is to join any of our weekly live Zoom calls. Here you can meet the whole TroubleMAKER gang and really get a feel for the vibe of this group.

This is how the membership works

Tanglewood Sue's Troublemakers is a monthly membership with an exclusive community we guarantee you will love!

Let's create a community where art and creativity have no bounds.

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About our lead TroubleMAKER


Hey hey Kiddos, Tanglewood Sue here! I am an artist and small business owner who has only recently been diagnosed with ADHD. This diagnosis has shone a bright light on why I am so exceptional at some things, completely dysfunctional at others, but always led by color and creativity. Every day is journey of discovery and forgiveness. 

Without my diagnosis, I had implemented coping strategies that kept even me unaware of my condition. Now I want to share these strategies with you and have you share yours as well. I now finally understand that everything felt harder because IT WAS. 

I was driving a broken down kia while my neurotypical friends and family always zoomed right past me in their tricked out Teslas! Not anymore my friends. Not anymore! I know I am not alone and that many many creatives are just like me. 

If I'm any one thing its a storyteller. I use my art and my life to connect with people who enjoy my journeys. Whether it's art, furniture, ADHD, small business or basic mayhem, I'm here to share it all with you. Are you ready?

A Big Thanks

Joining my community provides support for us all and also allows me to support myself as an artist and teacher. I am extremely grateful for those whose support allows me to create and connect every single day. My own personal goal is to build this network so that all of my furniture art may be donated to charitable causes and I can provide solid employment for creatives.

Let's show ourselves and our doubters that creative brains do not need to hold us back. It is a superpower bestowed upon us and by supporting each other we can bring out our strengths together and overcome the inherent struggles of being a creative. 

There is nothing typical about us. This is a good thing, and I'm so glad you are here to join our exceptional community